lake michigan beach glass, sea glass, beach glass, lake michigan, wisconsin, michigan, mexico
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Lake Michigan Beach Glass, LLC
We're Beachcombers...
Purveyors of genuine  beach glass from the shores of Lake Michigan & beyond.
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lake michigan beach glass-beaches, sea glass, beach glass, art, michigan, wisconsin
lake michigan beach glass-beach glass, sea glass, michigan, wisconsin, beach, water, sand
lake michigan beach glass-beach glass, sea glass, art, sea shells, glass, michigan, wisconsin, beaches
lake michigan beach glass-square, beach glass, green, blue, brown, white, candle, tea light, votive, lake michigan, wisconsin
lake michigan beach glass- shells, beach glass, sea glass, candle holder, votive, tea light, lake michigan, wisconsin
lake michigan beach glass- candle holder, votive, beach glass, tea light, lake michigan, wisconsin
lake michigan beach glass- candle holder, votive, beach glass, tea light, lake michigan, wisconsin
Beach Treasures For Purchase
3.5" X 3.5" x 3.5" Square w/ deep votive that accepts a tea light for easy replacement. No wax touches the beach glass. Filled with beach glass  from Lake Michigan along with crinoids and small beachy things. At night, watch as the light shimmers and dances... $ 22.00
Beach glass Christmas Tree. 15" tall with approximately 5" base. Multiple layers of beach glass applied with industrial strength clear glue. Wrapped with silver wire and 30 grain of rice LED white lights. Battery pack has a timer built-in. Beautiful by day or night.  UNIQUE !  ...$ 150.00
2.5"H x 8"L x 3"W, Triple tea light holder, 3 glass tea light holders included.  Holders ensure that no wax touches the beach glass and tea lights are easily replaced. Filled with colored beach glass from southern Lake Michigan. Watch the colors dance around the room at night...$ 30.00
7.5"H x 3.5"W Cylinder, filled with a large amount of beautiful beach glass from Lake Michigan, pottery, crinoids, coral and shells. A deep votive will accept tea light candles and provides a warm, romantic glow when lit. No wax touches the beach glass this way... $ 35.00

Gorgeous 9" Shell Wreath w/ beach glass from Lake Michigan.Unique shells from Juno Beach.  Meant for indoor use only... $ 30.00...each wreath will differ slightly.
Bring the sea shore inside with this 9" Shell Wreath w/ beach glass from Lake Michigan. Unique shells from Juno Beach. Meant for indoor use only... $ 25.00
lake michigan beach glass-bag, beach glass, sea glass, gift, lake michigan, wisconsin, wrapped, sampler
Beach Glass from Lake Michigan in a bag...100+ pieces of genuine beach glass. Whites, greens, browns, aqua, blue. No two bags are the same as every piece is unique...sizes vary. $ 15.00

Please advise us of what you are looking for...sizes, colors, quantities, along with the quality you are expecting.

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Lake Michigan Beach Pottery
Prices do not include shipping and handling or tax.
Candle holders and wreaths may vary from photos shown depending upon availability. As always, your satisfaction is our goal.
We sell bulk sea glass / beach glass of all colors and qualities. Call us with your needs and desires.
lake michigan beach glass- white, beach, beach pebbles, sand, large, unique, sea glass, michigan, wisconsin, saint joseph
We specialize in large, unique pieces of beach glass from cottages long ago washed away in southern Lake Michigan. This white piece is almost 5" x 3/4" deep. Very heavy & featuring almost perfect frosting. More photos are available. This rare, one of a kind gem is a one in a million piece...$ 160.00
lake michigan beach glass-bonfire glass, fire glass, campfire glass, lake michigan, sea glass, seafoam green, beach
Bonfire glass,  campfire glass, fire glass...whatever you want to call it...we have it. This rare, seafoam green vintage bottle top is from a Lake Michigan beach and is in wonderful, frosted condition...$ 30.00  Inquire about others.
Mexican Sea Glass...beautifully frosted, cobalt half bottom.... from a secret beach in Nayarit. Quarter pictured for reference. $ 25.00
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lake michigan, beach glass, sea glass, pottery, michigan, wisconsin, mexico, beachcombers, lamp,
Custom, one of a kind, beach glass, shell and pottery adorned lamp. Lit, the lamp is stunning. Casting a warm glow at night, the glass takes on a soft glow and the colors come alive. This lamp is constructed one piece at a time, so its very labor intensive.  $ 325.00
lake michigan, beach glass, sea glass, shells, tree, pottery, mexico,
Shell and sea glass tree. Many layers make up this whimsical beach tree. We have them in various sizes and prices...inquire.